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Player Information
Name: Vicki
Age: 31
Contact: (Email/AIM/Plurk) [ profile] vkm13
Characters already in Medietas: Astronema and Nico di Angelo
Reserve Link: Reserve link

Character Basics
Character name: Alistair Theirin
Character Journal: [personal profile] bastard_king
Canon: Dragon Age
Canon Point: Post-Trespasser DLC
Age: (Approximate age is fine. This is mostly for characters who are older than they look)
Icon: (Please provide a link to the icon you would like displayed on the Taken Page)

Canon Character Information
Appearance: (A few sentences on the character's appearance. Do they have any tattoos, scars, ticks? Add them here!)
History: Alistair @ The Dragon Age wiki

Here is some information about the particular world-state for this version of Alistair:

  • The Hero of Ferelden was a female human mage who did not romance Alistair.

  • Alistair was "hardened" during the events of Dragon Age: Origins, causing him to become much more assertive, taking a considerably more pragmatic approach to problems.

  • Alistair became King of Ferelden and married Anora.

  • Alistair killed Loghain.

  • To save himself and the Hero of Ferelden, Alistair took part in the Dark Ritual and impregnated Morrigan.

  • None of the companions were killed during the course of Dragon Age: Origins.

  • The mages from Ferelden's Circle of Magi were saved.

  • Connor was saved and sent to the restored Circle.

  • The werewolf curse was lifted.

  • Harrowmont was made King of Orzammar.

  • Hawke supported the mages in Kirkwall.

  • The Inquisition recruited the mages from Redcliffe.

  • Celene is still Empress of Orlais.

  • Vivienne became Divine Victoria.


Powers/Abilities/Talents: (Can be linked from Wiki/Wikia)

What 4 items would you like your character to have with them on the island during their stay?

  • a Grey Warden Hand Puppet

Samples - Can be linked

First Person:

Third Person: Alistair @ TDM

Finally, out of the 4 words, pick one: Chimes, lake, gravel, or sun? Sun.


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